Angeles Urban's Mural

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My name is Angeles Urban and I am a student at Environmental Charter High School. This collage is a digital mural of people and places in Richland Farms. For me, Richland Farms is like a small, pretty flower, but because it is hidden in between other flowers, it has yet to be found.

Hotspot 1: Compton Creek and James Alamillo.

The Compton Creek is a creek that runs through Compton and Richland Farms. The Compton Creek, for me, is a visual item of what Richland Farms and Compton used to be, but also, what it CAN be, and that with the help of its community, how Richland Farms can be renewed.

Hotspot 2: Pueblos Unidos and Ramon Franco with his Dancing Horses.

Pueblos Unidos is the home of Ramon Franco, where he and his horses reside. The house is in Richland Farms. This was the first house I've ever been to that has horse stalls and animals. It marked a special part of this project because this was the core of what and who Richland Farms is composed of.

Hotspot 3: Joseline Reynoso

Joseline Reynoso is a resident of Richland Farms and lives in her home which she calls "Pueblos Unidos of the Family Reynaga". Joseline Reynoso, and her house, are perfect symbols of what Richland Farms is all about. She is a very nice and open person. Her horses are friendly to be around. She carries nothing but praise and is proud to be a Richland Farms resident. Meeting her and her animals is one of the best parts of the job.


Pueblos Unidos of the Family Reynaga


Samantha Crawford's Mural