Are Our Oceans and Rivers Clean in LA?

Having a clean ocean is to be able to swim in the ocean without having chemicals and hazardous waste in your face or entering your body. A clean river is to be able to have the organisms living there without their ecosystem destroyed or not able to live in the river at all. The river has to be clean and be able to sustain the animals that live in it.

Maintaining clean oceans and rivers depends on all the people in local communities to hold responsibility for their waste. If there is no waste entering the river or ocean, the ecosystems could work well on their own, but today all storm drains lead to the ocean and all street waste enters the ocean. What could be entering the ocean? Cars leak oil; people litter plastics and garbage; and animals defecate and perish. All three actions affect oceans by polluting them with toxic chemicals which harm all living things.

With all this hazardous waste, who will be swimming in the oceans or use the river water? No one. I would not either.

The solution starts small within the community and will expand globally to solve the issues of our oceans and rivers that are to be kept out of harm for the next generations.


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