Compton's Amazing Farms

After weeks of searching the Richland Farms area and talking to an assortment of residents, the Student Producers met up with Martina Orosco and her family, who run a small farm in their backyard. With her husband and four children, Martina raises chickens, goats, and cows for their own personal use. She loves her farm because it reminds her of where she grew up in Mexico, and now she has the opportunity to give her kids that same experience.

The Student Producers from the Environmental Charter High School (ECHS) were quite amazed and even disoriented to be in the middle of Compton and yet still immersed in an area full of farm animals. It's a big change from the classroom at their school in Lawndale.

Check out the slide show above to see some of the pictures that the students took.


Samantha Crawford's Mural


Mariela Bautista's Mural

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