Mariela Bautista's Mural

Use your mouse to scroll through and view the mural.

My name is Mariela Bautista and I am a student at Environmental Charter High School. This collage is a digital mural of people and places in Richland Farms. I focused my mural on an after-school program at Washington Elementary School called the Gentlemen's Scholars Club. This club is run by Mr. Roosevelt Long who is the campus security guard during the school day.

Mr. Long has developed this club for his students who have had behavior problems in classes. The program focuses on teaching students responsibility. One of the activities is the garden project where students have created an organic garden. Mr. Long has expressed interest in teaching his students about healthy foods and how they are grown and link it to the new organic food program that the cafeteria has now developed.


Compton's Amazing Farms


Mapping Compton