OUR Right to Healthy Food!

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Healthy food should be the right to all people of this earth including all classes, races and genders. Unfortunately such food is costly to produce. Healthy food is beneficial to all, and can lead to simple improvements in their own health, which can lead to a better lifestyle and a better family environment. With healthier options of food the community inevitably grows stronger. For example, farmer's markets give us the ability to free ourselves from the dominance of large food industries that are able to grow OUR food in such unsanitary, inhumane methods and sell it to us without our knowledge of the food's production. Once we as people begin to grow such healthy foods our government can save money overall by eliminating the need of such pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides and use such money to improve our crumbling education system.

Healthy food itself means food that is grown without chemical additives and animals that are humanely raised and slaughtered. Every individual has the right to know how their food has been raised. This information shouldn't be locked away and shielded away by laws that large food industries use to keep us, this country's citizens, away from the truth. But in truth it is our own fault that we let these industries do this to us. Healthy food is still in our grasp because it is our voice, our decisions, our freedom, not the industries' to produce our food. We as people, must stand together to show our power and show this government, our government what we want and make healthy food a reality.

If I was the mayor of my own city I would actually publicize farmer's markets more often and try to put healthier food markets around communities, not the fast food joints that dominate my communities streets.


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