What is Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is a right and responsibility to all. Everyone deserves a proper nutritious meal without the extra chemicals and other add-ins that do not belong in our food. Unfortunately we live in a society where that is not true. Only a handful of major corporations control almost all of the food market. These corporations do not seem to remember that they are feeding humans, so they do whatever they can to produce more for a greater profit. Their main concern is not to feed us but to feed themselves with money.

Healthy food is supposed to be organic and made for the purpose of feeding our own, not to be distracted by the money and forgetting who eats these dangerous foods. I believe that it is the provider's responsibility to expose us to organic meals instead of the food that can kill us but it is up to us to change the system. As consumers we have the power to give the provider the power it needs, and we have the power to regulate their flaws. A solution for better healthy food can start with self-discipline. We have to take the responsibility to buy organics instead of fast foods and that way the corporations in control of the food market will follow whatever will be most profitable for them.




OUR Right to Healthy Food!