Venice High School
Venice High School

At Venice High School you can always count on a breeze from the Pacific Ocean bringing with it a nice drop in temperature. The school's art deco buildings and the disposition of the students in Venice High's New Media Academy also contribute to this cool factor. But, the place has changed over the years. Distance Learning has taken on a different connotation here in Venice. Instead of walking a block to school, the students travel from all over the city via public transportation or school buses. The students in the New Media Academy come from Culver City, Inglewood, South LA, Downtown, add even Gardena. How is the culture at the school affected, you may ask? Well, for one, it provided the Youth Voices Venice project a multi-dimensional portrait, giving us a glimpse of students from all over the Los Angeles area.

Come and see what these students produced for the Venice Youth Voices Project.

Education Notes


Some pictures capture the essence of a location while others invite the viewer to experience the place in a deeper more emotional way that allows us to understand it's importance to the student photographer.

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