Damian B's Mural

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HotSpot #1: MY HOUSE-EE!!

This is my home, I like to call it my headquarters! It makes me feel like blah! Really all I do when I get home is sleep, it's boring because there is simply nothing to do and T.V is no fun so yah you do the math!!! Well if there was a creepy old abandon house near my place then I would sneak in and explore the place, maybe I will encounter a ghost or something!I have just discovered the other day the my house obtains an ATTIC... I need to explore!!!

WELL if you don't know what a house is- It is a square shaped tall building that can hold people so they wont sleep, eat, and live on the streets. Yah it's a house!


HotSpot #2 THe CeMEterY

This is the @CeMEterY@ a place of rest, restriction, sacred, devouring, mystery, a place of forgiveness, a place of gloomy escence, and reflections, a Place of my Nightmare.....

What is this place? you may ask... This IS a place of your DARKEST DESIRES! where all your dreamy nightmares come true and the world becomes inferior to your might of hand. when the sun sets down forever this place is a gashing myth! calling their names of black ink... prying their virtual souls... they RISE! And as you may wonder "We'll wait for the light to pass and then will strike" you will sing the lyrics of the forgotten....

OH sure dearly this is one of my hot spots...SURPRISE? or what? my relationship to this nocturnal place is my sanctuary! there I have question many ideas about our absolute world and the majestic wonders of life, at other times i question my life i analys my life and how the past differs from the present and how the future will compare to now. I go there to set my cerebrum free and let lose to roam around and into the wild to get creative with the environment, i go there to find a light in my world, to discover truth and to pay my respects to the dead!

NEVER!!!!!! i would not and have no intention in changing, or demolishing the place, in my eyes its the "perfect" place and i wish not to arrange it in any way! the world does not apprciate what it is given and slowly but intense humans are losing the very substance that delivers them life, but i don't worry for I know that they shall pay for their destructive ways.

My favorite memory of the place was when i first penetrated it gates of ...!!! When i walked through it's fortress, the misty gloom that deprive it of it's shear happiness... a feeling flowed through me as to being of witchery where spells of dark deeds remained and every corner i turned there laid a wondering soul of the long dead. Should i have been scared, i did not know... only curiosity griped me, the veriety of tombs that depicted a character of the corpse!!! And now where ever i go their spirits follow me of that.....

Hotspot #3: My Aunts house

This is my aunt's home where I spent the half the year and all of my summer at. I enjoy almost every day and almost all my time there because i got to have all my family together most of the week and we had a lot of fun having different conversations.

This hot spot is the home of all my memories of 2009. Like I said I spent all of half the year there because i lived In Lancaster, which was pretty far from LA its about an hour away, but with traffic it's more of two hours and forty-five minutes.

My relationship to the place is simple. It's my ants house and they are my relatives. In the summer of 2006 my family and my uncles Rogelios family move from Los Angeles to this new and urbanizing place that is next to Palmdel in search for a house in which my dad and his brother, my uncle, could buy the house. They decided to move there because of the low cost of the house, and they were in search for a new life. They planed to change their jobs to somewhere over there and they plot to transfer us, meaning by brothers and my cousins, to a new school in Lancaster. However, non of that happened and my parents and my uncle and his wife kept their jobs here in LA, and we remained in school in this are of Venice. Because we were so far away from home and my dad was off at around ten o'clock every day, we either had to stay in our car and wait in the parking lot of some place or we could of gone to one of our relatives home and stay there for the while. We did some of both but my mom and I did not like the idea of just staying in some ones home, so we kept growing frustration towards one another, in that period of time my family's relationship collapsed and we all went to war, I went against every one, my dad, my mom, my older brother and my younger brother, and everyone was on their side only! Then came the year when my little sister was born and everyone began to morph into and angry fiend. Therefore as a result we stayed over our aunts house and like that all of my uncles and ants came to live around that area, so we ended up growing more and more attached to each other. So just sortly after we began a new school year my family moved into a new home in Inglewood and my uncle went and inhabit his old apartment in Mar Vista. And thats how we come to be, but in the time that we spent there, my aunts home, I changed and I grew to love them no matter how they were, and I got along with some of my cousins and I grew to hate others. It means a lot to me because of several different factors, I mention all but one and I'm sad to inform you that I can not and will not say anything about that insident that came to be the true meaning of why My Aunts home means so much to me. And once again I remind myself that I'm simply not ready.

No I don't dream of changing the place I want to look at it the same way I did a summer ago! The place has nor dramaticly changed, however my other aunt who came from Mexico last April live there with her husband and her two children but now they move to an apartment that is just behind my aunts house. So nothing big changed, but some thing else did change something BIGGER than HUGE!! I can not say!

If and only if I was able to say any thing about my personal life then and only then can i answer the question "Do you have any favorite memories of the place?"

If the place was no longer there and I have not gotten the answer to my question then all hope is lost for me and i can't view that place and close my eyes and think about summer of 2009!!! My heart would race to the end of the world if the lace no longer.


ANGELICA TRUJILLO - Venice High School Student


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