Digital Murals of Venice

One of the most unique and engaging elements of a Departures installment is the production of the interactive panoramas. While photographing the significant people and places, the Departures team manipulates and composites the images to represent a visual interpretation of space. Through this display, the viewer can see multiple perspectives of people and places in a new landscape.

For Youth Voices, students get to consider mural design and digital panorama production through the development of their own murals. It is an empowering experience to re-imagine space, particular your own neighborhood, and to present it as how you see it. Using the photographs that students took at the Venice Boardwalk, students sequence the images horizontally in the free, Web 2.0 application, Vuvox. They incorporate images of landscapes, buildings, street signs, murals, people, and even abstract compositions. Once the images are composited, students can then embed video, sound, and text.

Below are some examples of student murals from Venice Beach.

Next week, students begin to film hotspots for their My Neighbood & Me project. Once production is complete, they will develop another digital panorama for that project.


Venice High School Students Visit SPARC


Venice Students Record Assets