Joseline C's Mural

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The Youth Voices' student producers created digital murals of their neighborhood and the places that are meaningful to them. Scroll left and right to see the entire mural. Enjoy!

Vera Davis Center
The Vera Davis Center is a place that has arts programs for people of all ages. They have programs like digital art, photography, dance, and other programs. I wouldn't want to change anything about the center because I already think that it's a wonderful place as it is. My favorite memory is when I made the tile for the collage wall. If the Vera Davis Center wasn't there, then I would be very sad because people would be deprived of being able to express themselves artistically.

Culver City Police Station, Pacific Division It's the place where I go to a program. My uncles went to the same program that Im in and they once went t that police station. It means that I can do great things like they did. I want to change the times we have our meetings and the peoples dedication to the program. My favorite memory is when it was the Christmas even and they had fake snow, I bent over to get snow to make a snowball and my pants ripped. If this police station was not there, then I would feel disappointed because then that means that I would have to transfer to another police station and that I would have to accommodate to the new stations rules. If the police station wasn't there then there would be chaos.

The Pathway There is a pathway near electric and its where I walk to feel happy. I went for a long walk to find inner peace with myself and try to find my true purpose on this earth and I found this pathway. If I could change something about this pathway it would be to make it longer so I can have more adventures. My favorite memory of this pathway is when I went for a long walk because I had to take pictures for my black and white photography class. I never did get my pictures back from my photo teacher. If this pathway wasn't here then I would have to find a new place to walk and it would be a shame because this pathway is an entrance to many peoples homes.


Damian B's Mural


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