Luz R's Mural

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My House Well my house is a nice warm and cozy place. Where I spend much of my valuable time. I wouldn't choose another place to live in. I have so many memories from my house that's why I love it. I would like to see my house get remodeled but I don't think that will ever happen. It would cost a fortune to remodel, some money that the projects don't have. Wow! I have so many memories of my house good and bad ones but it's all good. My favorite memories would be when my family and I get all together for the holidays so cool and cozy. If my house weren't my house anymore I would probably feel lost with out it. Although it's just an apartment it means a lot. I have been living there ever since I was born like that saying: BORN and RAISED. I feel like if we moved or they threw down the projects I wouldn't want to leave anywhere else but there. That's my home mi casa.

The Mar Vista Gardens Recreation Center The recreation center is a lot of stuff put together it has a gym in there also a teen room where I hang out. It has a lot of activities you can do. During the summer they have a summer day camp. Where I usually get hired and work with the kids. It provides you with a lot of different opportunities. That's why I cherish this place. At the recreation center there is so many memories which mainly consist of my friends chilling in the park, going on field trips, and working their during the summer. It's very fun just go their and you really don't have to anything to have fun just by your presence your good with that. Well if they threw down the projects they would obviously throw down the recreation center. I would have the same feeling as if losing my house/apartment. They would never be another place that can replace my favorite spots. When you're there you don't have to go anywhere but just chill. You got everything you need there.

El Abajeno The third hotspot is the restaurant El Abajeno. I chose this one because it's near my house and I've been going there ever since I was a little girl. The food is the bomb. My favorite thing is the Albajeno burrito. It is so big and good six people can eat off of it. The flavor is so good, it's very simple but so satisfying. I don't have another good place to eat that's near my house. It's the only place to eat something good when my momma doesn't make food.

All of my hot spots haven't changed not even for better or for worse they're the same old cool chill place that's why I love it. These are my favorite spots. That's why I picked them. They mean so much to me.


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