Student Producers

The Venice Youth Voices Student Producers consisted of 11th Graders from Venice High School's New Media Academy. We worked with two of Ms. Kraft's classes (group 1 & 2) totaling 58 students. They first worked individually, each student had the opportunity to brainstorm and develop their personal map and hotspots. Through several activities, they created and posted their work on their individual blog sites. They then worked in groups to acquire the various multimedia production tools like photography, cinematography, sound recording and design, video editing, and interactive design.

At mid-semester we divided them into groups, each with a team leader who was selected based on his/her performance in the first half of class. They worked on two projects, the first was to explore an element of the Venice Boardwalk and to generate media assets; the second project focused on the team leader's personal map and students went out to generate media assets to represent four of their hotspots.

Education Notes