Venice High School Students Visit SPARC

The Departures Youth Voices team of educators and student producers went out to SPARC for the second day of production. SPARC stands for The Social and Public Art Resource Center and is an amazing place that restores and produces public art like the Great Wall within the walls of the LA River in the San Fernando Valley. The students met and interviewed artist and Founder, Judy Baca, and well as SPARC's executive Director, Debra Padilla.

These photos were taken by students Christian Evans, Terrence Rutledge, Damian Bautista, and Kassandra Ody. They captured SPARC's unique location which used to be the Venice Jail. Also, they were able to photograph some of the wonderful paintings housed in their gallery space.

This concludes Depatures Youth Voices two production field trip days. Now, students will be shooting their personal hotspots for their My Neighborhood and Me project. They will be working outside the regularly scheduled class time. In class, we will be focusing on editing these videos as well as learning how to produce digital panoramas with the free Web 2.0 application -- Vuvox.


Venice Students Film the Venice Boardwalk


Digital Murals of Venice