Venice Students Film the Venice Boardwalk

Mural at Venice Beach

After weeks of teaching students at Venice High School the various media production tools, we went out on our first production day and visited the historic Venice Boardwalk. Even though not all the students are from the Venice area, they are all familiar with the boardwalk. Many of them visit each week. But, none really have had the opportunity to go out as producers and become intimate with its diverse blend of subcultural agents.

Students broke up into 8 different groups with a mission to capture what the boardwalk is like today. Each group had a specific theme to focus on like murals, street vendors, skaters, muscle beach, shops, the ocean, and entertainers.

With video cameras, tripods, sound equipment, and still cameras, they hit the street to collect their data. They had to film interviews and video portraits, take pictures, and record ambient sounds -- all of the media assets that are incorporated into a Departures installment.

Below, is a sample of photographs taken by students Terrence Rutledge and Christian Evans. They focused on the murals in Venice.

To see more of the student work, check out their student producer blogs.


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