Venice Students Record Assets

This week, the Venice High School students began to record their hotspots for their My Neighborhood & Me project. Everything has come to this moment. Students now know the various multimedia production tools - photography, cinematography, interview techniques, and sound recording. They have practiced both at their school and in the field.

In their groups of three, each group bases their production on the group leader's personalized map. In preparation for their shoots, each group developed a production schedule that outlines locations, dates, content, and crew roles (see example production schedule above). The crew members of each group work together to record audio, video, and photographs around the community to generate material to post onto the Departures Venice Collaborative Map and for their digital murals.

Below is an example of an interview produced by David Alvarez, Steven Ramirez, and Andres Lopez. They interviewed Ted from Ted's Happy Liquor Store, one of David's hotspots.

The production for the My Neighborhood and Me project will continue for several weeks. During this process, students will bring their media assets back to school to edit, upload, and produce their digital murals in Vuvox.


Digital Murals of Venice


My Neighborhood & Me Student Murals