Community Interview: Steven Ramos, Math Teacher

Steven Ramos, math teacher at Theodore Roosevelt Senior High School

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Our community cause of reducing class size is important because it is crucial to the academic success of students to have an ideal class size. What we learned from our interview below is that even though a small class is more ideal, a class can be too small too.

Steven Ramos is a math teacher at Theodore Roosevelt Senior High School who has been teaching for seven years. Most teachers at Roosevelt have large class sizes, but he is the exception. During the interview, Mr. Ramos said that even though having smaller class sizes is important, having classes that are too small can also be bad. It's about having just the right amount of students in a class.

How many students do you have in each of your classes?
My largest class size is eight students and smallest class size is five students.

Having such a small amount of students, would you say that students are able to achieve better academically?
I'm definitely able to give more one to one attention to the students. Since classes are so small the students aren't able to get away with not paying attention or having any distractions, so that's the pros about having extremely small class sizes.

What do you think is the negative side of your class size?
Having such a small class size makes group projects much more difficult. Instead of having a group presentation to a class we have just a group presenting to another group. Students are not able to get a variety of comments and responses for their projects if the number of students is so small.

What would be the ideal class size?
I think the best class size would be a classroom of 15 or 16 students because the class is not too small or too large. It's just the right amount.


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