Workshop 11 - Design & Panoramas

Description: As the culminating personal project, students will aggregate their produced media into an interactive mural in the style of the Departures' installments, using the application VuVox. This workshop can be repeated several times until students finish their murals. The VuVox murals will be presented to the rest of the class and/or school and community. Time: 10 hours

Workshop Breakdown

1. Collage and Design Principles Overview

Students are taught about the history of collage and discuss the various formats of collages from the art of Russian Constructivists and Dadaists such as Kurt Schwitters to contemporary artists and designers such as Romare Bearden, Judy Baca, Neville Brody, and David Carson. Students discuss collage techniques such as layering, muralism, typography, repetition, hierarchy, texture, color, and transitions.

2. VuVox, Panorama Application

Students will learn how to use online application Vuvox to cut and collage images, embed video and audio, and create a stand-alone multimedia panoramic mural experience. Students are encouraged to utilize the graphic elements previously mentioned and integrate the styles of these artists and designers.

3. Personal Blog and Presentation

Using the Departures publishing platform, students will login into their personal blogs (created in Workshop #2) to embed the Vuvox project. Students will write about the experience of producing the content and describe the narrative of their Vuvox. Classes are encouraged to present their Youth Voices work to the school and community.

Neighborhood Examples:

Materials Needed

Laptops, Projectors, Point & Shoot Camera, Audio Equipment, Video Camera, Production Schedules, Production Checklist, Tip Sheets, Interview Tip Sheets

Instructor Resources

VuVox Tip Sheet, Art/artist history literature, Design PPT


This workshop meets the following academic standards: CCCS - Speaking & Listening - Comprehension and Collaboration (1a, 1b, 1c, 1d, 2), Grades 9 - 12; CCCS - Writing - Texts, Types & Purposes (2c), Grades 9 - 12; CCCS - Writing - Production & Distribution of Writing (6), Grades 9 - 12; Career Technical Content Standards - Technology, Grades 9 - 12; Career Technical Content Standards - Technical Knowledge & Skills, Grades 9 - 12; Pathways Standards - Media Support & Services Pathway, Grades 9 -12; Pathways Standards - Production & Design Pathway, Grades 9 -12; Pathways Standards - Production and Managerial Arts Pathway, Grades 9 -12; Visual Arts Content Standards - Creative Expression, Grades 9 - 12; Visual Arts Content Standards - Connections & Applications, Grades 9 - 12


YESENIA HERNANDEZ - Viviana Hernandez's Sister


Workshop 10: Cleaning Assets & Map Building