Workshop 2: Meet Me

Description: Students produce their first multimedia project through a simple presentation explaining who they are and where they live, to be presented to their peers. As the second building block of the Youth Voices curriculum, the Meet Me exercise explores the student's personal, social and geographical connections, while introducing them to the application of multimedia in storytelling. Time: 4 hours

Workshop Breakdown

1. Computer Basics, Online Media & PowerPoint

Students will gain basic computer knowledge: understand PC or Mac OS (depending on the lab), the function of applications and files types (and the relationship between the two), saving, storage, and formats (digital versus hardcopy).

Students will learn how to utilize online tools such as Google or Bing to search media such as images, movies, and audio to be used for the Meet Me projects. Share tip sheet* on image searching and review examples of Meet Me Project prior to commencing in-class Meet Me Project.

Demonstrate PowerPoint or Google Presentation, instructing how to import images, movies and audio.

2. Meet Me Project

This exercise is a basic introduction to visual thinking and creative expression. Prior to commencing exercise, create a single Google account for all students to share such as Download the "Activity 1: Meet Me PowerPoint"* and upload the PowerPoint file to Google Docs in your new account. Duplicate as many times as there are students.

Review the presentation document, and notice that for each frame there is a phrase, followed by a black slide. The students' task is to complete the phrase on the following blank slide visually, without using text or sound. Students are to insert their name and replace the proper pronoun when needed on the slides with textual phrases. Tip: If students have trouble thinking of images, try brainstorming with them. Answer the phrase with words, and then brainstorm what images represent this word. Be creative and think of several possible images.

3. Intro to Blogging

Each Youth Voices classroom will have access to the Departures' blogging platform, under which each student will have his/her own account to login into. Demonstrate to students how to login, and how to post. Discuss with students what blogging is, and its relationship to journalism and publishing. For their first post, have students write a bit about who they are to contextualize their embedded Meet Me Presentation.

4. Show & Tell

Student producers present their Meet Me projects to the classroom. Discuss what challenges the students faced with telling who they are without words. Was it easier for some students to describe themselves with images and why? Write observations from the student presentation with examples in the first education note on the Youth Voices blog. (For each Youth Voices program, the teacher will blog observations in the form of education notes that other educators and Youth Voices teachers can learn from as they integrate and instruct Youth Voices curriculum).

Neighborhood Examples:

Materials Needed

Laptop, PowerPoint Software, Projector, Student handouts


If students have resources at home or access to computer labs after hours, students are encouraged to continue to develop their Meet Me Project until they are ready to be presented in class.

Instructor Resources

The Neighborhood & Me assignment description handout, Computer Basics & Research PPT, Meet Me PPT download


This workshop meets the following academic standards: CCCS - Speaking & Listening - Comprehension and Collaboration (1a, 1b, 1c, 1d, 2), Grades 9 - 12; CCCS - Speaking & Listening - Presentation & Knowledge of Ideas (5), Grades 9 - 12; Visual Arts Content Standards - 2.0 Creative Expression - Skills, Process, Materials and Tools - (2.3 & 2.6), Grades 9 - 12 ; Career Technical Content Standards - Technology, Grades 9 - 12; Pathways Standards - Media and Design Arts Pathway


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