Workshop 4: Mapping

Description: What is Mapping 2.0? Using Google Maps and other user-generated mapping systems, students will examine how businesses, scholars, and story-tellers benefit from these tools. Students learn the various aspects and incarnations of these mapping tools to begin to create their collective map, mapping hotspots identified in previous workshops and on the classroom wall-map. Time: 4 hours

Workshop Breakdown

1. Mapping - Lecture and Discussion

Introduce Mapping and user-generated narrative cartographies. Discuss how these maps are useful. Show examples in Google Maps that demonstrate the ability to create narratives.

2. Building a Collaborative Google Map

Introduce students to Google Maps, including how to add points of interest, text descriptions, photos, audio and video, and links. Students will take their personal maps and begin to transfer them to a single collaborative class-wide Google Map and are encouraged to include photos, audio and video, using research tools they learned in Workshop 2 (Meet Me).

Neighborhood Examples:

Materials Needed

Laptop, Projector, Student handouts (Google Map Tutorial & Examples)


Students are encouraged to continue adding to their collaborative map.

Instructor Resources

Good Map Tutorial & Examples student handout


This workshop meets the following academic standards: CCCS - Speaking & Listening - Comprehension and Collaboration (1a, 1b, 1c, 1d, 2), Grades 9 - 12; CCCS - Speaking & Listening - Presentation & Knowledge of Ideas (5), Grades 9 - 12; CCCS - Writing - Texts, Types & Purposes (2d), Grades 9 - 12; Career Technical Content Standards - Technology, Grades 9 - 12; Pathways Standards - Media Support & Services Pathway

Students will now transition from "development" to "production" as they begin the multimedia workshops--the building blocks in becoming student producers. In preparation for field production, divide students into teams, assign them crew roles, and begin to generate a schedule, production breakdown and script. Throughout the workshops, Departures professionals will teach and mentor students in each media track: audio, photography, video, and interactive design.


Workshop 5: Multimedia Workshop I (Audio)


Workshop 3: Map Building & Drawing