Workshop 7: Multimedia Workshop III (Video)

Description: Using skills learned in audio and photography, student producers will simulate live shoots with their team members. This workshop covers the formal and contextual elements of video production, from framing and conducting an interview to movement, space, and lighting. Students will shoot practice footage using professional cameras, and capture them into editing platforms such as iMovie or Final Cut Pro to learn the basics of editing. Time: 8 hours

Workshop Breakdown

1. Video Basics

Students will apply their knowledge in photography to understanding the working elements of the video camera. Discuss with students what the similarities and differences are. Using additional equipment such as tripods, audio and lighting equipment, and rigging, students will recreate production situations in the classroom, as though they were on a live shoot.

2. Video Production

To familiarize themselves prior to going into the field, students will practice producing video portraits and video interviews with their teams. Video portraits are one-minute-long recordings of a subject standing still through the duration of the shot. Students will establish a location for their subject and frame two to three shots to use throughout the duration of the interview.

3. Video Editing

Capturing their practice footage to an editing platform, students will begin to sequence and layer footage in a linear format. They will practice transitions for both video and audio, and outputting video for uploading to YouTube or the video platform Kaltura.

Neighborhood Examples:

Materials Needed

Laptop, Projector, Video Equipment, Examples of Google Maps w/ Assets, Video Camera, Editing Tip Sheet

Instructor Resources

Multimedia - Video PPT, Examples of Google Maps w/ Assets, Editing Tip Sheet, Handout tip sheets on iMovie, FCP, or Movie Maker


This workshop meets the following academic standards: CCCS - Speaking & Listening - Comprehension and Collaboration (1a, 1b, 1c, 1d, 2), Grades 9 - 12; CCCS - Speaking & Listening - Presentation & Knowledge of Ideas (5), Grades 9 - 12; Career Technical Content Standards - Technology, Grades 9 - 12; Career Technical Content Standards - Problem Solving and Critical Thinking, Grades 9 - 12; Career Technical Content Standards - Responsibility and Flexibility, Grades 9 - 12; Pathways Standards - Media Support & Services Pathway, Grades 9 -12; Visual Arts Content Standards - Creative Expression, Grades 9 - 12


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