Workshop 8: Content Development / Field Production

Description: Once the students have completed the three multimedia workshops, they will meet with Departures producers to assess which hotspots should be developed further, either as part of student field production, or as part of the Departures series. The Departures team will lead a class production field trip out into the neighborhoods to capture audio, video, and photography of the selected hotspots. Time: 4 hours + day-long field trip

Workshop Breakdown

1. Production Schedule and Prep

For the selected hotspots, students will develop a production schedule as well as a list of questions for the interviews and prepare personal and material releases for the subjects interviewed.

2. Application of Media Tools

Using the skills learned in the workshops, students will conduct field interviews under the guidance and mentorship of Departures' producers. Student producers will execute the interviews--frame and shoot, record audio--as a professional production crew would. While in the field, students will photograph the neighborhood, record ambient noises, and create video portraits and interviews on the spot if the opportunity presents itself. At the end of the day students will summarize the production with notes, to be included when they turn in their production schedule.

This particular workshop track can be extended multiple days as time allows.

Neighborhood Examples:

Materials Needed

Point & Shoot Camera, Audio Equipment, Video Camera, Production Schedules, Production Checklist, Interview Tip Sheet, Tip Sheets

Instructor Resources

Tip Sheets


This workshop meets the following academic standards: CCCS - Speaking & Listening - Comprehension and Collaboration (1a, 1b, 1c, 1d, 2), Grades 9 - 12; Career Technical Content Standards - Technology, Grades 9 - 12; Career Technical Content Standards - Problem Solving and Critical Thinking, Grades 9 - 12; Career Technical Content Standards - Responsibility and Flexibility, Grades 9 - 12; Career Technical Content Standards - Technical Knowledge & Skills, Grades 9 - 12; Career Technical Content Standards - Leadership & Teamwork, Grades 9 - 12; Pathways Standards - Media Support & Services Pathway, Grades 9 -12; Pathways Standards - Production & Design Pathway, Grades 9 -12; Pathways Standards - Media and Design Arts Pathway, Grades 9 -12; Visual Arts Content Standards - Creative Expression, Grades 9 - 12


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