The Curriculum

Departures Youth Voices examines how multimedia theory and application can link students to their personal, cultural, and community history while also offering an opportunity to envision and advocate for a neighborhood that better serves the needs of all its residents. The curriculum offers a deep and structured experience for students who, through the course of the project become civically engaged, meet and interact with community leaders, gain experience with creative mapping strategies, digital and multimedia tools, and digital publishing.

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Education Notes

1. Exploration
Students use their own experiences and understanding of their neighborhood to begin exploring issues, investigating solutions and advocating for their community.
2. Making Connections
Students identify the connections they have with their community.
3. Mapping
Students map their neighborhood story.
4. Investigation
Student teams initiate and lead a plan to improve an aspect of their neighborhood.
5. Outreach
Student teams explore different methods to collaborate with their community to define and promote their cause.
6. Seeking Solutions
Student teams pool together the shared experiences of their neighbors and the knowledge of community experts to identify possible solutions for their cause.
7. Compiling the Evidence
Student teams gather their evidence together to devise their advocacy plan.
8. Building the Message
Student teams build a narrative that advocates for their cause and solution.
9. Leaving a Lasting Mark
The student teams finalize their projects and present their work to the community.


Some pictures capture the essence of a location while others invite the viewer to experience the place in a deeper more emotional way that allows us to understand it's importance to the student photographer.