Building the Message

Youth Voices students practice sound recording at Venice High School.

icon-bldngmsg.png The student teams create a narrative that highlights their experiences and findings on the project.

Learning Overview and Objectives
Student teams will build a concise narrative that reflects on the work of their overall project and develop a call to action that continues to advocate for their cause.

Students will...

  • Write a reflective article on their work for their community cause
  • Develop a call to actions and identify next steps for their project
  • Share their article and message with their social media community and encourage feedback

Workshop Breakdown
Time: 3 hours

ACTIVITY...Student teams prepare their final article that reflects on their work and introduce next steps for their project. Students use their YV Notebook to write their reflection and develop their call to action. Once the article is completed the student teams upload it to the YV Portal.

The students along with their teams will share their article and invite their social media community to respond and share their thoughts on their project.

Students from the LA River School share their thoughts on their community project. Click on the photo to read their reflections.