Compiling the Evidence


icon-compilingevidence.png The student teams gather their evidence and outline actions directed towards solutions for their community cause and improving their community.

Learning Overview and Objectives
Student teams propose their own solution for their cause, citing the evidence they have collected and the interviews they have conducted.

Students will ...

  • Review the evidence they have collected and the interviews they have conducted
  • Work together in their teams to write an article detailing their proposed solution(s) for their community cause
  • Share their article with their social media community and encourage feed back.

Workshop Breakdown

Time: 4 hours

ACTIVITY...Community Solutions - Using their YV Notebooks the student teams write an article detailing action steps towards a solution for their community cause, citing the evidence they have collected throughout their exploration and investigation. Once the article is completed the student teams upload it to the YV Portal along with samples of the media they collected.

The students along with their teams share their article and invite their social media community to respond and share their thoughts.

FletcherVacantLot_web.jpgStudents from the LA River School created a plan to make positive use out of vacant land in the area. Click the photo to review their plan.