Leaving a Lasting Mark


Student teams present their projects to community leaders.

Learning Overview and Objectives
The student teams will finalize and prepare to share their projects with the community and advocate for the cause they have identified, investigated, and documented.

Students will ...

  • Prepare a presentation on their project that identifies their cause, offers evidence and proposes a solution.
  • Write an article on their presentation, feedback and next steps.
  • Share their article and message with their social media community.
Workshop Breakdown

Time: 5 hours

ACTIVITY...Student teams build a presentation for their project that pools together their articles, data, media and community support for their cause.

ACTIVITY...Students meet with the public groups (public officials, community organizations, business leaders, etc.) to present their final project and advocate for the improvement they are seeking in their community.

ACTIVITY...Student write a debrief on the community presentation and what the next steps are for their project. Using the YV Portal, the student teams upload their debrief along with documentation (fliers, photos, announcement, program, press clippings, etc.) from their presentation.

The students share their experience exploring, investigating and advocating for their issue as well as the next steps for their project. They invite feedback and provide opportunities for continued involvement.

TASK...Student complete a post-assessment that examines what skills and knowledge they have gained from their experience with Departures Youth Voices.