Making Connections

A pomegranate tree connects Monique to her community

icon-makingconnections.png How do students find and develop connections in and with their community?

Learning Overview & Objectives:
The students will explore the physical and emotional connections they have with their neighborhood, and begin to reach out to establish new connections in their virtual community.

Students will ...

  • Do an informal presentation of the object that connects them to their community, and explain the link.
  • Activate necessary online accounts.
  • Upload content to the Youth Voices Portal and create their first entry.
  • Share their new entry with their online community, and begin a social media campaign.

Workshop Breakdown
Time: 3-4 hours

ACTIVITY #1...Students present the object that connects them to their neighborhood and use what they wrote in their YV Notebook to elaborate on this connection.

TASK...Students activate necessary online accounts and using their YV Notebook they will archive the account information for later reference.

TUTORIAL...Students participate in a tutorial on how to use the online YV Portal. Utilizing the content from their YV Notebook they create their first entry entitled "You and Your Neighborhood." The entry features the object that connects them to their community.

ACTIVITY #2...Social Media Blast #1 Connecting With Your Neighborhood
Students share the entry they created on their social media outlets and encourage their social media community to share their own object that connects them to their community. These posts will launch the social media campaign for the project.

Adriana FelixStudents at the Los Angeles River School chose to present items that connect them to their community. Click on the photo to learn more about one of the students.