How can students collaborate with their community in promoting positive change?

Learning Overview and Objectives
Student teams explore various methods to engage the community (residents, neighborhood groups, non-profit organizations, public officials, etc.) and develop an outreach strategy for their project.

Students will ...

  • Learn about different forms of community outreach
  • Build an outreach strategy as part of their field plan
  • Develop targeted messages about their project
  • Practice presenting their project to the community
  • Practice interview skills and techniques with each other (conduct mock interviews)
  • Identify and interview a community member

Workshop Breakdown
Time: 5 hours

ACTIVITY...Student teams brainstorm various methods to engage the community (residents, neighborhood groups, non-profit organizations,) and use YV Notebook to store and develop ideas. Students should refer back to their research to identify where to target their outreach (people, neighborhood, street, school, etc.)

GUEST SPEAKER - Community member with a background in organizing shares experiences and best practices. Using the YV Notebook students fill out the Guest Speaker profile. Using the YV Online Portal the students submit their profile.

ACTIVITY...Using their YV Notebook the student teams build an outreach strategy for their project. This should include the social media they have already begun but should also include one face to face activity such as; neighborhood canvassing, tabling at local event, presenting at local meeting, or orchestrating a press conference. They should develop targeted messages for distinct constituencies in their community. The outreach strategy will assist the students to locate and connect with community residents to interview and gain support for their cause.

ACTIVITY... Student teams practice presenting their projects to individuals, neighborhood groups, public officials, and to the press.

FIELD WORK PREP...Students organize a community activity to connect with potential interviewees, raise the profile and gain support for their cause, and collect evidence for their investigation. The students use their YV Notebook to collect information and resources for their project. [This may take place over the course of several days -- during class time, after school or on the weekend.]

ACTIVITY...Using their YV Notebook the student teams write a reflection on their community outreach activity. The student teams can then use the YV Online Portal to submit an article on their activity.

FIELD WORK PLAN...Student teams finalize their community cause and outreach strategy based on their investigations and interactions with the community. This plan will guide the teams through the rest of their project.

ACTIVITY...Community Member Interview - Student teams schedule interview(s) with community member(s,) and develop an interview plan. Teams conduct interview with a community member that is connected to their cause. Student teams transcribe interview and using their YV Notebook build an article around the interview and the media they collected. Using the YV Online Portal student teams submit their article.

The students teams share their article and invite their social media community to comment and share their thoughts.