Seeking Solutions

Anbiya interviews Dr. Christopher Jimenez y West

How can students be active participants in identifying solutions for the problems in their community.

Learning Overview and Objectives
Student teams review and analyze the evidence they have collected, and seek out and collaborate with an community expert to explore and identify possible actions and solutions for their cause.

Students will ...

  • Analyze the data and evidence they have collected regarding their cause
  • Identify and interview a community expert
  • Review, modify and finalize their field plans

Workshop Breakdown
Time: 5 hours

Now that the student teams have collected evidence (research, photos, community interviews, etc.) they may have a clearer idea of possible remedies for their cause. But before they focus on building their solution, the input of an expert may be beneficial at formulating a plan of action. An expert may be someone who is involved in the current issue or a similar issue from various perspectives; academic, public policy, business, city planning, environmental, and other professions. They should refer back to their research to identify an expert (they may also select someone form the pool of mentors/guest speakers.)

TASK...Student teams schedule an interview with a community expert and develop an interview plan.

ACTIVITY...Community Expert Interview - Student teams conduct interview with a community expert who is connected to their cause. Student teams transcribe interview and using their YV Notebook build an article around the interview and the media they collected. Using the YV Online Portal student teams submit their article

The students along with their teams will share their article and invite their social media community to comment and share their thoughts.