Youth Voices Curriculum

Inspired by the formal and conceptual elements of KCET's Departures, the Youth Voices curriculum translates the series' production and editorial model and puts it in the hands and the eyes of young media-makers. The curriculum introduces high school students to the process of developing and producing an interactive transmedia documentary that investigates the social, cultural, and political history of their neighborhoods and cities. It examines how multimedia theory and application can link students to their personal and communal history, allowing them to learn essential multimedia authoring skills and acquire proficiency in several core media-based literacies. The acquisition of these skills meet and/or address several of the California Common Core Content Standards, as well as build key foundational skills in the New Media Literacies (Jenkins, 2006), both of which are essential for students to succeed as part of the creative economy. The goal of the Youth Voices curriculum is to use multimedia as a critical and creative tool that empowers today's youth to become civically engaged and active participants in society.

At the end of the 12 workshops listed below, student producers will complete two culminating projects: an interactive mural that reflects their own personal history and understanding of their neighborhood, and a series of community interviews. These interviews will be produced in collaboration with KCET's producers and editors, and a selected few will later be incorporated into the final web/broadcast of Departures.

Below, is a breakdown of the Departures Youth Voices curriculum divided up into student workshops.


Workshop 1: Intro to Departures


Students Map Venice and their Memory