Antelope Valley

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    UCLA And A.V. Transit Authority Learn Old Habits Die Hard
    New stops near the UCLA campus were supposed to help revive an ailing bus line from Antelope Valley to L.A.'s west side and slash the number of students coming by car. But despite the promise of dramatic cost savings, few commuters have taken the bait.
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    Oldest Lancaster School Closes Amid Declining Enrollment And Budget Cuts
    Park View Middle School opened in 1949. Now, with a $12 million budget deficit, too few students in the district and the walls literally about to come down, Park View will be shuttered in July.
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    Lancaster Seeks Independence From State With Charter City Decision
    By more than a two-to-one margin, voters elected for their city to gain control over municipal matters and distance itself from California and its troubled finances.
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    Borax Miners Take Protest to British Consulate
    The mining mega-company Rio Tinto made headlines when executives admitted accepting bribes and were sentenced to prison terms in China. Half a world away, in a tiny desert town in California, Borax miners are fighting Rio Tinto in a bitter contract dispute.
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    Rio Tinto Lockout Rocks the Town of Boron
    In Boron, California, workers have been locked out of a mine because they haven't reached agreement with Rio Tinto, the firm that owns the mine. If the lockout continues it could ruin the town.
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    Antelope Valley Schools Bleeding From Budget Cuts
    In the wake of the state's budget crises, school around California have lost funding. The Antelope Valley Union High School District has lost a reported $20 million. Making up that gap is no small feat for the administrators and employees in the district.
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    Can Green Energy Power the Antelope Valley Out of the Slump?
    Desolate. Desert. Vacant. All words that would accurately describe the Antelope Valley's miles of unclaimed landscape. Promising up-and-coming area for renewable energy ventures? Also accurate, because the miles of barren land and unrelenting sunshine are making the Antelope Valley the hottest place to be for green energy development.
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    A Monument to Palmdale Housing Bust
    Two years after the housing market peaked in Palmdale, one development is still ready for construction crews to arrive and start building. The two model homes stand alone in the sand, waiting for real estate agents to give tours. Instead, their windows and doors are boarded up with plywood. The pipes and wiring have been purloined by scavengers. And rather than homes for growing families, they have become hangouts for local gangs.