• boraxprotest2.jpg
    Antelope Valley
    Borax Miners Take Protest to British Consulate
    The mining mega-company Rio Tinto made headlines when executives admitted accepting bribes and were sentenced to prison terms in China. Half a world away, in a tiny desert town in California, Borax miners are fighting Rio Tinto in a bitter contract dispute.
  • davis3.jpg
    Riverside County
    The Empire Strikes Back To Unify Working Community
    Working class residents of Riverside County and its surrounding areas joined together to share their stories of struggle and try to unite together for their cause.
  • boron4.jpg
    Antelope Valley
    Rio Tinto Lockout Rocks the Town of Boron
    In Boron, California, workers have been locked out of a mine because they haven't reached agreement with Rio Tinto, the firm that owns the mine. If the lockout continues it could ruin the town.
  • venturaVisita2.jpg
    Ventura County
    Ventura Budget Cuts Burn Fire Dept
    Reductions in operating funds at Ventura City's Fire Department may lead to the closure of a fire station and result in increased response times. That, say fire officials, could lead to loss of life.
  • VenturaMap270_203.gif
    Ventura County
    2010: Diversified Ventura Poised For Recovery
    Could the economy get any worse? This economist says no, not in Ventura County. He's predicting 2010 will most likely be a recovery year for the county.
  • Mauricio-Saravia-Hollywood-Patrick-Ecclesine-270x203.jpg
    Sunset Boulevard
    "Faces of Sunset" - From the Barrios to the Beach
    Patrick Ecclesine captured all walks of life along the iconic Sunset Boulevard in his 2008 photography book. "In a city that doesn't have much cohesiveness, Sunset it the only street that ties it all together," he said.
  • Ventura County
    Construction Industry, No Recovery Here
    The construction industry in California is struggling to survive the double-whammy of cuts in housing construction and public works projects. A job site in Ventura county provides a portrait of just how painful this has been for working people.
  • dogs_270x203.jpg
    Orange County
    It's a Dog's Life in Orange County
    Even during the recession, consumers are still spending tens of billions of dollars on their pets. In Orange County, more and more entrepreneurs are trying to jump in on the action.
  • Riverside County
    Riverside Food Banks Face Rising Demand
    Food banks in Riverside are dealing with more requests from people trying to feed their families than ever. Many of those seeking assistance have never had to ask for food before, but high unemployment and massive foreclosure rates have led them to local charities for the bag or two of groceries that will help them get by.
  • cans-samantha-page.gif
    Sunset Boulevard
    No Free Lunch? Not For Some Hungry Angelenos
    With food pantries struggling to meet increased demand, and some closing their doors due to lack of funds, one food pantry in Hollywood keeps handing out groceries to anyone and everyone in need.