Sunset Boulevard

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    Redistricting Reform, Take Seven
    A first-ever California Citizens Redistricting Commission will take another step forward this month. Some political experts say it is the most significant change in state government in 10 years and could begin the end to gridlock in Sacramento.
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    State Budget Woes May Hamper Health Care Reform
    The head of Childrens Hospital Los Angeles welcomes the recently passed health care reform, but questions how a cash-strapped California will pay for it.
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    Homeless Relief Agency Stressed
    A homeless services agency on Sunset Boulevard is not struggling financially, but still finding it hard to provide a hand up over a handout.
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    Rough Times At Palisades Charter High
    Last year's recovery package didn't stretch far, and this year's budget faces cuts from all sides. A school programmed for diversity may lose the means to get there.
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    "Faces of Sunset" - From the Barrios to the Beach
    Patrick Ecclesine captured all walks of life along the iconic Sunset Boulevard in his 2008 photography book. "In a city that doesn't have much cohesiveness, Sunset it the only street that ties it all together," he said.
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    Adult School Up Against The Blackboard
    Evans Community Adult School is getting pinched. The down economy is sending more applicants in the door for basic education and skills training at the same time budget cuts have left the school with less resources than ever.
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    UCLA Q&A: Restructuring the University
    At UCLA, budget cuts are creating challenges for students and administrators. The University's provost - essentially the COO of the school - explains how UCLA plans to maintain academic standards while learning to do more with less.
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    No Free Lunch? Not For Some Hungry Angelenos
    With food pantries struggling to meet increased demand, and some closing their doors due to lack of funds, one food pantry in Hollywood keeps handing out groceries to anyone and everyone in need.
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    A $10 Million House Isn't What It Used to Be
    Frank Zappa said it almost forty years ago, "It can't happen here." And indeed, for the first couple of years of the housing downturn, the high end market seemed immune. That's now changed, and even as more modest homes are starting to sell, upscale houses are are lingering unsold.
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    Oasis At Boulevard's End
    Most everywhere you look, there is tarnish on what we used to think of as The Golden State. But at Gladstone's restaurant, where the boulevard hits the beach, the California dream seems as close as the water.