Ventura County

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    Ventura Budget Cuts Burn Fire Dept
    Reductions in operating funds at Ventura City's Fire Department may lead to the closure of a fire station and result in increased response times. That, say fire officials, could lead to loss of life.
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    2010: Diversified Ventura Poised For Recovery
    Could the economy get any worse? This economist says no, not in Ventura County. He's predicting 2010 will most likely be a recovery year for the county.
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    Construction Industry, No Recovery Here
    The construction industry in California is struggling to survive the double-whammy of cuts in housing construction and public works projects. A job site in Ventura county provides a portrait of just how painful this has been for working people.
  • Government
    Unconventional Mayor Is Thinking Big
    "You have to be really persistent, even in the downturn, to continue to go after the things that are important." Words to live by for the mayor of the city of Ventura. What's Bill Fulton doing to tackle the economic crisis? Investing in the economy of the future...
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    Closing The Book On A Ventura Library
    Tough economic times and voters determined to say "no" to any tax increase mean the doors close on a popular Ventura County library.
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    Closing One Door. Opening 30 Others.
    When investors planning to turn a run-down motel into high-end condos ran into the housing downturn, they did a turn of their own. Instead of an upscale, glitzy development, the builders went back to the drawing board and created 30 units of much-needed low-income housing.