Crisis Camp L.A.


Bringing together tech savvy experts and first responders, Crisis Camp attempts to offer emergency services that help humanitarian effort. Crisis Camp L.A. is holding this volunteer event in order to assist in Haiti's relief efforts by providing data, information, maps and technical assistance to NGOs, relief agencies and the public. Non-tech savvy volunteers are welcomed and needed. For upcoming event location and information visit the website.

In the age of new media, staying connected to Haiti's relief efforts is easy.

The Red Cross has a Twitter feed constantly updating on what is needed and what is being done.

NPRNews Twitter has set up a special list for tweets on Haiti, here.

Facebook page Haitian Earthquake Relief is updating with news, new ways to help and resources available for those trying to contact family.

On a more local level California for Haiti's website offers informations, while their Facebook page updates with local events and helping business.


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