Get Involved - Traffic, Fire and Project Management

They say the new president has 100 days to put his stamp on government. What are you going to do next week to get involved?

The team over at SoCal Connected is working on a follow-up to their coverage of last year's fires, particularly in Sayre. The Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy is sponsoring a Fire Ecology Hike at Wilson Canyon allowing you to see Mother Nature is recuperating. (Check back on SoCal Connected for updates on Sayre residents.)

Last week, SoCal Connected took a look at local traffic and this upcoming Tuesday, the Hammer Museum is holding a talk on Reinventing Los Angeles: Easing Sprawl, Growth, and Gridlock. Architect Stefanos Polyzoides and UC Irvine professor Kenneth Small ask "[w]hat are the root problems, and how can design address them?" in hopes of envisioning "a livable, sustainable Los Angeles."

Over the last few month's Get Involved has found the L.A. Works website to be an invaluable source of information and opportunities to get involved. Usually the are directing visitors to other organizations, but this week they need some help themselves: "Each L.A. Works project is organized and managed by a trained volunteer Project Leader. L.A. Works would not be able to conduct over 60 projects a month throughout Los Angeles without people like yourself taking the initiative to lead our projects. By attending this short training you'll learn how easy it is to lead an L.A. Works Project!" You can find more information here.

That should keep you busy the next 7 days. We'll keep working on the next 93.

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