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We don't make these things up:

The Corporation for National and Community Service recently pulled together research in this field and was able to demonstrate that people who volunteer live longer than those that do not. [Full story]

Here are some ways to add a few more "Get Involved Years" to your life.

The Proyecto Jardin Community Garden was established in 1995 on a empty lot at White Memorial Hospital. 13 years later, volunteers still gather at the garden in Boyle Heights (weather permitting!) for Community Youth Saturdays:

Join us as we work together with local youth in planting, harvesting and soil preparation. These are hands on workdays in which all participants learn about urban farming through active participation. Everyone is welcome and we especially encourage participation from youth. Please dress comfortably, bring gloves or get some earth under your nails!

Call or email the El Proyecto Jardín volunteer coordinators to check on weather conditions before putting your overalls on. A tip of the hat to @SoCalConnected twitter friend @jessicagwyn who sent us the Proyecto lead in the series of tweets below:


Speaking of twitter friends, @toddhavens not only caught a typo on the site for us - doh! - but also sent us this lead via twitter:


For those of you who don't speak twitterese, that link takes you to the County of Los Angeles Public Library's call for literacy volunteers. Many thanks, Todd!

Friends of Bringing Back Broadway are holding a "Broadway Walk" on February 17th in order to help create a "Streetscape Plan" for Downtown's historic Broadway. The plan is intended to provide a "framework for streetscape and infrastructure improvements that will rehabilitate the street and enhance the pedestrian, streetcar, bus and other transit experience, support a reviving theater district, activate and encourage life on the street to spur economic development, and encourage reusing and celebrating existing buildings and historic assets." How do you fit in? Bring a cameras and an eye for change to the Chapman Building (756 S. Broadway at 8th Street) at 4pm, where you'll be given worksheets and instructions to scour the neighborhood for more details on the event here, or you can call the groups info-line at 213673440.

Lastly, a group of concerned parents has been circulating an online petition to protect arts teaching in the Los Angeles Unified School District:

Please sign this on-line petition to save the Arts Education Branch of LAUSD.† Years of work to develop† excellent arts programs in LAUSD will be lost if the Arts Branch is eliminated, or even pared to a skeleton crew. [sign here]

You may not be able go out and get involved this week, but, if you're reading this, you can definitely `sign an online petition!

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Thanks for featuring Proyecto JardIn! I love your message "the live you save may be your own" In a city like LA where we are often isolated from one another and from the natural ways of the planet mini-adventures to the garden are a real gift to self.

Maybe it's a little counter intuitive, but volunteering is one of the easiest ways to reconnect to yourself. At the same time you connect at a human level to others. Leaving "currency" behind we remember how people can build bonds that strengthen our souls and the spirit of our community.

Islanders often say that wealth is not measured by what you own. Your wealth is measured on what you give away.


Come to the garden! Pull some weeds from the soil, pull some weeds from your soul. =)