Get Involved With Black History


The Los Angeles Times recently asked a group of local dignitaries, celebs and personalities "what does Black History Month mean to you?" You know our answer: An opportunity to get involved!

The UCLA's Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studies is hosting a series of BHM-themed events during February. On Wednesday, former UCLA Vice Chancellor Charles Z. Wilson speaks about his book Crossing Learning Boundaries by Choice which deals with the challenges faced by inner-city African Americans. Wilson will also be speaking about what "African Americans must do to become active participants in the revitalization of their communities."

Progressive blogerrati will be gathering in L.A. for Netroots Nation's Civil Right's 2.0 event. The panel will be looking at the NAACP - about to celebrate its 100th anniversary - and asks how the organization will "shift gears to continue to meet the issues and challenges of the 21st century."

Those of you looking to get involved in something a bit more cultural can take in "Behind the Blur: Examining African American Motorcycle Culture" at the California African American Museum. "Na'il "Shayk" Karim, publisher of The Black Biker Magazine discusses black motorcycle culture and sub-culture from the World War II era to the present and the long ignored contributions of Black bikers such as Bessie Stringfield and others."

Lastly, it has been brought to Get Involved's attention that we've become a bit overly LA-centric the last few weeks. The good folks at Volunteer San Diego recently asked us over Twitter, "How SoCal are you?" Good question! You can't be that SoCal (or involved) if you assume everyone lives in Silverlake, so to all our friends in the greater Southern California area: have a good week!

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