Get Involved with the Stars

There was a beautiful conjunction of the Moon and Venus tonight. If you missed it - or if you saw it and were inspired! - the Los Angeles Astronomical Society is hosting a public star party this weekend at the Griffith Observatory. LAAS members will be on hand with telescopes and explanations for the heavenly portents and omens hanging over your head, but we have the short version: It's time to get involved!

Speaking of portents: A recent study of earthquake patterns finds that we really are overdue for a major tectonic shakeout. Forget getting involved; take the Franklin Canyon Ranch Quake Safe Walk - "a moderate walk, see earthquake faults and learn how to get prepared for and survive the 'Big One'," - to get prepared.

And, speaking of preparedness: The Los Angeles Crisis Response Team is training new team members from now until March 12. Visit the City of Los Angeles's website for more information.

February is Black History Month and we'll be doing a full calendar of related things to do and see next week. To get you started, the County of Los Angeles maintains a central calendar of BHM observances at area branches next month, including readings, spoken word, storytelling and reenactments. Go here for the full schedule.

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