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KCET invites you to serve your community through service. Our weekly Get Involved page features ways for you to connect with organizations in need of a helping hand.

This week KCET features ways for animal lovers to give back to our four-legged friends.

You can help the PetSave Foundation, a rabbit rescue organization, with the daily care (feeding, cleaning, grooming, socializing) of rescued rabbits at their shelter. This is a great project for families!

Most of the work is cleaning, so be sure to bring work gloves and clothes that you don't mind getting dirty and wear closed-toed shoes. Volunteers for this project must be at least 5 years of age and pre-teens must be accompanied by a parent. For more information, visit L.A. Works.

Another way for you to help animals is to visit the Gibbon Conservation Center in Santa Clarita. Come see some of the world's great acrobats -- the loudest land mammals that Mother Nature ever created. The Gibbon Conservation Center was established to ensure the preservation, propagation and survival of all gibbons in the wild and in captivity. Most of the gibbons at the Center are on the highly endangered list.

You can contribute your time and energy to assist in feeding, data collection, and maintenance of Gibbons. You will gain experience caring for primates, and you'll contribute to the preservation of an endangered species. For more information, visit the Gibbon Center's website.

The Los Angeles Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is always in need of volunteers. Right now they're looking for help in the Animal Assisted Therapy and Foster Care programs. Through the Animal Assisted Therapy Program, volunteers take their own companion animal to visit various facilities such as: children's hospitals, retirement centers and AIDS hospices. The Los Angeles Animal Assisted Therapy Program was started in 1986 with the goal of promoting the human-animal bond and enriching the physical and psychological well-being of people confined to hospitals and other institutions.

Foster parents take care of bottle babies, kittens, puppies, adult cats or dogs and those with special needs. While fostering,volunteers provide their time and love while the SPCA covers the food and veterinary care. It's a hands-on way to make a difference and save a life. Visit the LA SPCA's volunteer page for more information.

This image was taken from Flickr user dana_welsh using the Creative Commons License.


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