How Can You Help in 2010?


Do-gooding is in vogue right now. So be fashionably altruistic this weekend at the How Can You Help in 2010? fair. The event brings together 50 local non-profits, from Guerrilla Gardeners to Bicycle Coalitions, for you to focus your do-good energy on.

City Labs says:

Join City Labs to answer the call for community service in this great city. With a huge rise in the need for services from non-profits, and a drastic drop in funding and donations, LA's community organizations need our help. Come to this fun one-day fair to browse, discover and connect with 50 local non-profits -- organizations doing great things who need your support to maintain sustainability. Imagine :: If a few thousand people each dedicate themselves to 3-5 non-profit groups (signing-up to volunteer, making donations, offering their skills, joining email lists), we'll have created over 10,000 new volunteers and donations in just one afternoon!!!

5 suggested entrance donation (which entitles you to a free drink and raffle ticket)

For more information, click here.

This image was taken by flickr user Lieven SOETE. It was used under the Creative Commons License.


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