Mothering, From SoCal to Kenya

A Mom to ManyWhat started out as a three-week volunteer trip to Kenya has turned into a mission for SoCal's Racquel Turner. She helps run a home for orphaned girls about 30 miles from Nairobi, where the age ranges from 1st grade to high school. Some of these girls are living with HIV, some were sexually abused before coming to the home - but now, the focus is on giving them the love, encouragement and education they need to ensure a brighter future, and to teach them how to believe that they are not defined by what happened to them in their pasts.

Racquel raises money via Facebook and Twitter, and personally takes it to Kenya several times a year to keep the home running, and to make sure the girls are placed in good schools. Even though most of her time is in Los Angeles, Racquel truly feels that in addition to her six children here, she now has 36 amazing Kenyan daughters.

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Special thanks to Jen Wall, Ashley Saunders, Juli Salvante and Racquel Turner for their photos and video.

What do you think? Have you ever done something to give back, and had it evolve into something bigger than you ever thought it would? Post a comment!


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I am in awe of what Racquel is doing. And thanks a lot Miss Tenowich ... you managed to make me cry, then laugh, then cry again in that video/interview. I hope this helps to raise awareness of what MFFO is trying to do.