It's Cool to Care: FixNation & The Need for Sterile Ferals

A stray patientFirst up: The good people at FixNation. Hi, my name is Amy Tenowich and welcome to It's Cool To Care. In this video blog I'll be hanging out with some awesome SoCal do-gooders who are making a difference in their communities. Maybe they'll inspire you to pitch in, or even just see the things around you with more open eyes.

The SPCA says that in 7 years, one female cat and her offspring can produce 420,000 cats! Caring folks who take the time to humanely trap homeless street cats have been bringing them to FixNation for free spaying/neutering since July 2007. Prior to FixNation, the founders ran bimonthly Best Friends Catnippers sterilization clinics, but realized that they needed a daily operation in order to really address the problem of more kitties than homes. These wild colonies of cats often start when people either abandon their tame, unaltered felines, or when they let them roam. Spayed/neutered cats also live longer, and have a lower incidence of cancers and infections.

Visit the FixNation's website and learn how to help some forgotten kitties in need!


What do you think? Tell me in comments, and feel free to share any stories! Also: Below is a video extra that answers the question: how do you trap a feral cat?


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Bravo, Amy! FixNation is such a wonderful group, and I'm very grateful that you've chosen them as your first interview for "It's Cool to Care". I've taken a few cats to FixNation, and am always humbled by the work done there. Each time I've gone, there were literally carts full of cats being brought in to be spayed/neutered. The staff and volunteers are always helpful, friendly and patient. I'll forever be grateful to them and will make them my charity of choice whenever I'm able to pay back or forward!


Stacey, I'm glad you are a fan! And I'm glad to hear you are out there on the front lines, trapping and neutering those felines. There is nothing like the howling and yowling of cats lookin' for love...sounds straight out of a horror movie! Thank you for caring about the critters with whom we share LA.


Heaven on Earth Society for Animals has launched its very successful Spay & Neuter Transport Service! Working in conjunction with FixNation, our SpayShip drivers offer FREE transportation services to the community in an effort to help control the feral and tame cat population in the San Fernando Valley.

Contact us at:
(818) 474-2700 X. #6



That is fantastic, Heaven on Earth. It's not like there's a public bus system for cats, so your work is definitely a great service for helping trappers get the cats to their day at the FixNation spa!