Leading by Following: Omar Morgan Guttie

Omar Strikes a PoseMy blog is about recognizing people who are making a positive contribution. Sometimes, that's as simple as being true to who you are, even if you may stand out or get criticized for being different. But "different" makes the world interesting, and can even give others the confidence to embrace who they really are too.

I met the subject of this story, who definitely dances to his own tune, in the LA salsa scene (and folks: I love salsa! Check out my salsa site if you are up for a twirl). Omar Morgan Guttie struts his individuality on dance floors all over LA. He's well known in the salsa scene as the man who prefers to follow -- typically the female role. He does it with such panache and flair that women come to him for lessons on how to move more femininely, and spice up their own dancing.

Lately, there's been a lot in the news about how gay teens are more likely to attempt suicide and be the victims of bullying than their heterosexual peers. NPR recently did a story on the "It Gets Better" project, where gay people of all ages and walks of life are posting YouTube videos of encouragement to those who are being harassed because of the their sexual orientation. Omar's courage to follow makes him one heck of a leader, and an inspiration to anyone who may be timid about expressing him/herself.

What do you think? Please share your comments, and let me know about some people in your lives who are being true to themselves too. And visit Omar at his website if you'd like to learn more about him, or learn to dance.


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