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Nicole D. SconiersOur guest on this week's podcast is Nicole D. Sconiers. She's the author of a new book called Escape from Beckyville: Tales of Race, Hair and Rage, a collection of ten stories set in "a futuristic Los Angeles." (Yup, this is Black Speculative Fiction.) While the world Sconiers has created is fantasy(esque), the issues she deals with are very real - Black hair, relationships, race and more - all of it tackled with wit and humor.

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Nicole's personal story is as interesting as any of those in her book. She left a job at the top-rated Dr. Phil show, where she worked for nearly eight years, to write and self-publish Escape from Beckyville. As you'll hear in our conversation, venturing off uncharted territory is a little scary, but she's very excited about her future!

Here's our conversation:

Photo courtesy Nicole D. Sconiers.


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This sounds like a good read!Goodluck to the author!