Kick It Up L.A. Blog Digest - 6/21

Young Journos at Work! has partnered up with GlobalGirl Media's local bureau to bring you Kick It Up L.A., a girl's-eye-view of Los Angeles, soccer culture and the World Cup. GlobalGirl Media has been training young women to become citizen journalists and report on both the world's biggest sporting event and the issues that matter to them in their lives and communities.

The young journalists have been blogging over the GlobalGirl Media site, and each week we'll be bringing you a digest of their posts.

Girl Power, by Team Red

As GlobalGirl Media reporters we strive to fight against stereotypes, double standards, and inequality overall. We come from different backgrounds, different schools and different upbringings, but we are all united in our fight against the oppression of women worldwide.

Growing up in South Los Angeles we are aware that while the United States does not have a great record on equal rights for women, we still enjoy more freedoms than many of the women in other countries. We have informed ourselves about disappointing traditions: from the Catholic Church's positions on women's rights; to the ritualistic burnings of Sati, where Hindu widows either voluntarily or by force burned themselves to show devotion to their husbands, and many other such customs that we think must end. These and similar stories have impacted our way of viewing the world. They have inspired us to spread awareness and let people know that we have a voice and we know how to use it. [more]

Handle With Care by Team Orange

As member of Team Orange, my next project is to make a short video focusing on the different soccer teams people are rooting for in the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Team Red has filmed some faculty and students at Garfield High School with their responses, so most likely I'll be using some of their footage -- if they let me... As for Team Orange, especially myself who took the responsibility to edit the short video, we must start asking people the famous question: "What team are you rooting for?"

Yesterday in the afternoon, I started asking soccer fans at my school what their favorite team is. During the process I found out that the people you interview (besides being the whole purpose of your video) are like your babies! Just like the camera, you must treat them with care, be gentle and don't you dare scare them because if you do... there goes your video! [more]

World Cup Fever, by Team Red

"Are you coming to school tomorrow?" people whispered as I walked to my first period. School had just started and people were already getting prepared for the World Cup game of Mexico vs. South Africa, as well as Uruguay vs France that wasn't until tomorrow. I decided to ask my friends what they were gonna do and they modestly answered "I'm coming late, I can't miss the game, come on now." This was what everyone answered when asked if they were coming to school tomorrow. Apparently, they didn't want to miss the game. Some simply because Mexico's their favorite team and for others this would be the first World Cup game they were gonna watch and were excited because Mexico made it.

My school, Los Angeles Leadership Academy, is a very small school with a population of about 400 student so it was no surprise that the vice principal would find out. For every student that is absent the school loses 40$ which is alot, the World Cup was going to be a problem. So our vice principle decided to take some suggestions during lunch and came to the conclusion that a TV should be brought in so that the students could watch the game in the cafeteria. But not everyone agreed with the decision, not the teacher's at least. Tomorrow would be our last official day of school until finals, and the first 2 periods would miss out on valuable time to review. [more]

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