Daiana Feuer's Top Los Angeles Songs

Submitted by Daiana Feuer, executive editor of L.A. Record and co-founder of The New Los Angeles Folk Festival. This list is part of KCET.org's Top Los Angeles Songs.

Patti Smith
"Redondo Beach"

"Redondo Beach" is a sad love song from Patti Smith's seminal 1975 album Horses about a lover losing his (or her) girlfriend to the sea, though it's actually inspired by Patti fighting with her sister. Anyhow, the "lost angel" is open to interpretation. Smith broke the mold with this album, and "Redondo Beach" shines with Smith's story-telling and casual delivery.

The Doors
"L.A. Woman"

"L.A. Woman" is the title track from The Doors' sixth and final album. Almost eight minutes long, this song has all the swagger and musical wildness making it a jukebox favorite and excellent for a rowdy drive to work. The song is as much about the city as it is about a woman. The two blend together in this romantic but dark vision of L.A.

Leslie & The Badgers
"Los Angeles"

One of the most intriguing new L.A. country bands, Leslie & The Badgers sets the bar for the folk and country scene re-rooting itself in town. Leslie Stevens' voice melts like butter on this tribute to L.A. nights, bars, enchantment, and the rough waters of the west coast. Stevens is a gifted songwriter, here delivering some pretty lines about birds flying and stones crying. 

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