Quan Pham

Quan Pham

Title: Founder, Tustin AYSO Goal Keeping Academy
Organization: American Youth Soccer Organization (the Goal Keeping Academy is a part of AYSO)
Website: www.taga96.com

"His academy only had 15 players in 2000 and now has grown to much bigger crowd. He never charges a dime and beside his time he gives his own money to run the program. This might not be huge hero thing other people do but this man is my hero, mine and many other parents . . ." Ms. L.G. Armand, Parent (nominator) (also nominated by parents Mrs. Jackie Falce and Eduardo Mier y Teran)


  • The Tustin AYSO goal keeping academy was founded in 2000 after Quan Pham arranged a clinic in 1999; its success led to a weekly program.
  • Quan is a volunteer for Tustin AYSO; he coaches and referees and is a board member
  • In 2006 organization renamed Tustin AYSO Goalkeeping Academy (TAGA) to clarify it as independent program that admits selected players from all AYSO programs. Official name in region's directory is "My Favorite Martians" because of their glow-in-the-dark lime green jerseys. Quan Pham given the nickname "Commander"
  • Parent accolades:

    • "He gives tirelessly to the organization and community and to individuals, children and their families."

    • "A great man with a great heart. Committed to his passion of soccer training."

    • "Boys and girls that attend his academy keep coming back week after week and year and year and he keeps tap on them and follows up with them in high school and goes to their high school and college graduation and always keeps them part of his family."


Local Hero: Daryl L. Osby


Abby J. Leibman