Local Hero: Anthony J. Tolbert

Anthony Tolbert

When Tony Tolbert says he'll give you the roof over his head, he really means it. For two years he has given up his home to families in need charging them only $1 a month in rent while they get back on their feet.

Working with local social services agencies since 2012 to identify prospective tenants, he moved in with his mother to offer a safe living space to struggling families he's never met before. In 2012, a family lived in his South Los Angeles home after leaving an abusive situation. This past year, he opened his door to a woman and her four children. At the beginning of 2014, Tony welcomed a new family into his home.

Mr. Tolbert also works extensively with students through his position as Associate Director of Admissions & Outreach for UCLA School of Law. There he assists in the design and implementation of the Law Fellows Outreach Program, a pipeline initiative designed to increase diversity in legal education.

In addition to counseling prospective law students, Mr. Tolbert works with current law students on matters relating to the practice of law, particularly in the sports and entertainment industries. He represents UCLA Law in a variety of recruiting forums across the country -- allowing him to recruit the best and brightest students, increase student diversity, and encourage the next generation of lawyers and legal experts.

Mr. Tolbert also teaches a class called Street Law, which sends law students into the community to teach law classes at local high schools.

In 2012, Mr. Tolbert was honored with the Justice Cruz Reynoso Community Service Award by the Mexican American Bar Association (MABA). The award is given annually to individuals for their outstanding community service.


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