As part of our ongoing commitment to diversity, KCETLink and Union Bank are seeking nominations for outstanding men and women from the Hispanic community for the Local Heroes Awards. If you know someone in KCET's 11 county broadcast area who is providing great leadership and making significant contributions to improve and enrich the lives of others and their community, we encourage you to submit a nomination form today.
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Honorees 2014

Local Hero: Florencia Molina

"Even though my enslavement doesn't define me as a person, it makes me who I am today. I am an advocate against slavery, I am a survivor of a crime so monstrous that the only way to move forward is by fighting back."


Local Hero: Kathy Gallegos

"Art is incredibly important to our spiritual and mental well-being. It reflects our struggles, our inspirations and our aspirations."


2014 Hispanic Heritage Month Awards

KCETLink honors the 2014 Hispanic Heritage Month Local Heroes recipients Kathy Gallegos and Florencia Molina.

Past Heroes
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