Local Hero: Ruebén Martinez

Ruebén Martinez

"My Message to young people has always been and will continue to be 'Read today, Lead tomorrow."

Ruebén Martinez's contribution to the Latino community is defined by his dedication to his businesses, Librería Martinez Books & Art Gallery and Libros Para Niños, a children's bookstore. Located in Santa Ana, the two enterprises make the writings of Latino authors and the works of Latino artists accessible to the general public, enhances the community by promoting literacy and art, and sets forth a better understanding and appreciation of Latino culture and history to customers. In addition, Librería Martinez Books & Art Gallery and Libros Para Niños are recognized nationwide for showcasing premiere Latino authors and artists, such as Carlos Fuentes, Sandra Cisneros and Jorge Ramos. Plus, Librería Martinez is the largest seller of books in Spanish in the United States.


Local Hero: Raul & Maria Salinas


Programming: Hispanic Heritage